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Practice Areas

    Practice Areas

Employment Litigation:  discrimination, sexual harassment, & wrongful discharge claims.

Unfair Competition:  non-compete and non-solicit agreements, breach of fiduciary duty, misappropriation of trade secrets,etc. (Marty represents employers as both plaintiff and defendant in these cases).

Compensation Disputes:  contract-based claims over commissions, management incentive pay, vacation pay, chargebacks, negative true-ups, etc.  (again, Marty represents employers as both plaintiff and defendant; as plaintiff, he has recovered more than $2.0 million for his clients over the years).

Defamation + Other Employment Torts:  especially defamation on Form U-5, which is, in effect, a mandatory job reference in the securities industry.

Executive Contracts:  Marty has negotiated employment contracts and severance packages for many executives over the years, including the CEO and the CFO of a Fortune 500 company.  In this area he sometimes represents companies and sometimes represents individual executives.